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Presentations and Calendars of Alpine Plants


PowerPoint presentations from selected seminars and teaching lectures can be downloaded here.

Kathy Willis and her many activities and achievements May 2017, Bergen (4 MB, pdf) given at the Long-term Ecology and Future Planet Earth symposium plus photos from the day and evening (4 MB, pdf)

Organising the Lennart von Post symposium - Why, how, where, what, who? February 2017, Bergen (1.7 MB, pdf)

Plant hunting in the Pyrenees December 2016 (21 MB, pdf)

Lennart von Post and Quaternary palynology since the 1960s November 2016, Stockholm (27 MB, ppt)

Alpine plants in the Chilean Andes December 2015, Bergen (18 MB, pdf)

Pionnering Polymaths series of lectures:
4. Derek Ratcliffe May 2016, Bergen (9 MB, pdf)
3. Alexander von Humboldt October 2015, Bergen (17 MB, pdf)
2. Edward Forbes & Clement (and Eleanor) Reid February 2014, Bergen (18 MB)
1. Hewett Cottrell Watson October 2013, Bergen (10 MB)

Biodiversity trends within the Holocene October 2015, London (0.5 MB)

Fifty years of fascination, fun, fulfilment, frustration, failure September 2015, Bergen (11 MB, pdf)

Ecological responses to late-glacial climate changes: south to north in Norway August 2015, Lanzhou (29 MB)

Some contributions of plant macrofossils to palaeoecology August 2015, Lanzhou (26 MB)

After 50 years of quantitative palaeoecology - Senescence, maturity, or progress? August 2015, Lanzhou (13 MB)

What was the role of July temperature in determining the late-glacial vegetation patterns in north-west Europe? June 2015, Svante Björck symposium, Lund (11 MB)

The multi-faceted Derek A Ratcliffe May 2015, Scottish Bird Fair, Musselburgh (9 MB, pdf)

At the Frontiers of Palaeoecology - John's presentation: W5 March 2015, Bergen (22 MB)
Gallery of the seminar covering the first day of talks, the evening reception, the second day of talks, and the dinner with speeches.

Roger Flower Retirement Seminar: From SWAP via CASSARINA to Principal Curves November 2014, London (24 MB)

Exploring the mountains of Circassia November 2014, Bergen (75 MB)

Biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Himalaya February 2014, Bergen, Research Himalaya 30 MB, pdf)

Introduction to the NoAClim project: No-analogue climates and ecological responses in the past and future October 2013, Bergen (0.6 MB)

Global mountain biodiversity and ecosystem services in space and time March 2013, Trondheim NØF (50 MB)

Tage Nilsson Memorial lectures, March 2013, Lund
1. Quantitative environmental reconstructions in palaeoecology: progress, current status, and future needs (10.3 MB)
2. Biodiversity patterns in space and time: perspectives from deep-time, Quaternary-time, and real-time (20 MB)

The mountains of China’s Yunnan – THE alpine botanist’s paradise December 2012, Bergen (66 MB)

Arctic alpines and climate change November 2012, BSBI (36 MB)

Scandinavian (and British) Alpines September 2012, Leeds Alpine Garden Society (pdf 50 MB)

Land-cover and ecological changes in Tibet during the last 15,000 years September 2012, Bergen (6.8 MB)

Biodiversity Changes in Q-Time August 2012, Ann McGurran Seminar (6.3 MB)

Quantitative environmental reconstructions in palaeolimnology August 2012, Glasgow IPS (7 MB)

A Wonderfully Diverse Scientific Life August 2012, Glasgow IPS Lifetime Achievement Award (8 MB pdf)

Long-Term Ecology, Conservation Biology, and Restoration Ecology – Controversies, Challenges, and Compromises April, 2012, Bergen (20 MB)

People and Nature in Mountains: Changing land-use and landscape dynamics (Don't forget the lemon!) December 2011, Bergen (18.7 MB)

Biodiversity patterns in space and time - perspectives from real-time, Quaternary-time, and deep-time November 2011, Göttingen (20 MB)

Plant life in the cold November 2011, Bergen (82 MB)

Back in the water November 2011, Bergen (31.7 MB)

50 years of pollen analysis - from Chat Moss to Classifynder October 2011, Bergen (19.3 MB)

HIP (Historically Informed Practice) in music and ecology October 2011, Bergen (pdf 18 MB)

Long-term ecology and conservation biology - controversies, challenges, and compromises September 2011, Trondheim (20.5 MB)

Can the secrets of the past help us make future predictions? September 2011, Bergen (24.7 MB)

Introduction to Quaternary palaeoecology September 2011, Abisko (9.6 MB)

Vegetation responses to rapid climate change at the late-glacial/Holocene transition September 2011, Abisko (16.7)

Evolutionary legacies of the Quaternary ice ages September 2011, Abisko (23.7 MB)

Inferring past environments from biological data: progress - problems - potentialities July 2011, INQUA, Bern (4 MB)

Using ordination methods in palaeoecology May 2011, Liverpool (9.4 MB)

Stay or Go? A Q-time perspective February 2011, Selbusjøen (11.5 MB)

Biodiversity, livelihood, and climate change in the Himalaya December 2010, Kathmandu (45 MB)

DYLAN - Towards a new framework for the management of cultural and natural heritage in upland landscape conservation areas (LCAs) in Norway September 2010, Trondheim (5.2 MB)

Alpine plants at the equator - giants and dwarfs July 2010, Bergen (5.3 MB pdf)

PAGES Quantitative methods in palaeoecology and palaeoclimatology 2010, Valdivia

Heavenly plant explorations in the Celestial Mountains of Kazakhstan December 2009, Bergen (9.6 MB)

New approaches to the interpretation of Holocene palaeoecological data March 2009, Belfast (15.5 MB)

Atlantic Hazel Woods – A lichenologist’s paradise, an ecologist’s problem January 2009, Edinburgh (46 MB)

Biological proxies in sedimentary archives - progress, problems, potentialities October 2008 Poznan (15.4 MB)

Overview of continental palaeoclimatic proxies in time and space October 2008, Poznan (28.8 MB)

Interglacial-glacial vegetation dynamics - a natural long-term ecological laboratory August 2008, Oslo (6.7 MB)

Effects of climate change on bryophyte-dominated snowbed vegetation in Scotland May 2008, Bergen (2.4 MB pdf)

NorFa Quantitative methods in palaeoecology and palaeoclimatology 2008, Espegrend

Pollen–climate transfer functions – problems and pitfalls November 2007, Helsinki (4.4 MB)

Palaeoecology and current environmental problems - Is palaeoecology still 'a quaint but irrelevant speciality'? October 2007, Southampton (6 MB pdf)

Alpines, trees, and refugia August 2007, St Andrews (15 MB)

Contributions of Herbert E Wright Jr. to science and technology August 2007, Sils, Switzerland (7 MB)

World of high alpines November 2006, Wageningen (50 MB)

Multi-proxy studies in Quaternary palaeoecology - origins, development, and potentials August 2006, Bern (13 MB)

Plant hunting on the Roof of the World April 2006 (9.7 MB pdf)

In the land of the blue, yellow, and red poppies January 2006, Edinburgh (8.6 MB)

Holocene climate research - progress, paradigms, problems 2006 (20 MB)

Rocky Mountain alpines September 2005, Leeds (4 MB pdf)

In the land of the Barrier of Spears (Drakensberg) April 2005, Bergen (3.8 MB)

Global alpines April 2005, Cambridge (2.8 MB)

Inferring past environments from biological data - progress, problems, and pitfalls December 2003, Wageningen (5.6 MB)

Ordination techniques in environmental biology - progress, problems, and pitfalls September 2003, Edinburgh (8.3 MB)

Teaching Lectures

BO8031 1. How the secrets of the past can help future ecological predictions 2016, Trondheim (20 MB)

BO8031 2. Biodiversity trends within the Holocene 2016, Trondheim

BO8031 3. Vegetation responses to rapid climate change at the Late Glacial/Holocene (=post-Glacial) transition 2016, Trondheim

Bio 102 World Vegetation Biomes 2014, Bergen (10 MB, pdf)

Bio 201 Community, Geographical, Landscape, and Ecosystem Ecology and Palaeoecology 2012, Bergen

Bio 250 Palaeoecology (Hilary and John Birks) 2012-2014, Bergen

Bio 301 Evolutionary Legacies of the Ice Ages 2012, Bergen

Bio 303 Ordination and Gradient Analysis (last given in 2007), Bergen

Bio 350 Pollen Analysis (last given in 2013) Bergen

Bio 351 Quantitative Palaeoecology 2006, Bergen

UCL Course Numerical Analysis of Biological and Environmental Data 2006-2012, London

UCL Pollen Analysis Course (last given in 2010)

NOMA lectures:
Alpine plant biodiversity. Part 1: Patterns and processes (16.6 MB)
Alpine plant biodiversity. Part 2: Functions and threats (12.4 MB)
Plant life in the cold (82 MB)
Tree-line ecology (with particular reference to the Sino-Himalayan region) (47.5 MB)
Using Earth System Models to test competing palaeoecological hypotheses about Holocene forest decline on the Tibetan Plateau (18 MB)

Alpine Calendars

Pdfs of calendars created by John and Hilary Birks with photographs of plants from their alpine expeditions

2017 Pyrenees

2016 Chilean Alpines

2015 Russian Caucasus

2014 Yunnan

2013 Tien Shan

2012 Zagros Mountains of Iran

2011 Patagonia

2010 Scandinavia

2009 Himalaya

2008 North America

2007 Southern Hemisphere